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RecaP is an Arnhem based social enterprise. Our main goal is offering vulnerable adults new fulfillment and purpose and creating pathways into volunteering and work. RecaP uses circular wood and (small) furniture to create new things. At its heart is our commitment to people and sustainability, re-use reclaimed wood and up-cycling old unwanted furniture either donated or reclaimed from the local area.

With these unique engraved wooden serving paddle boards RecaP wants to honor and commemorate the English Para’s from 1st Parachute Brigade who fought during Operation Market Garden in  September 1944.

Each serving paddle, or snack tray, is a one of a kind made of circular wood. Sizes are all the same( length and width). Thickness can variate.


RecaP offers 4 different engraved boards:

  1. Arnhem Bridge, coordinates and “Lest we Forget”

  2. Arnhem Bridge and Coordinates

  3. Pegasus and "lest we Forget" and Coordinates

  4. "Lest we forget", Coordinates and Parachutes.


These serving paddles are produced in limited numbers. Paddles can be ordered via RecaP webshop (see QR code in Unibar and via our webshop (Winkel and drop down to Airborne).

The price for this must have paddle is €35 excluding shipping costs.

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